Danner Revolving Bookcase
Danner Revolving Bookcase
Danner Revolving Bookcase
Danner Revolving Bookcase
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Danner Revolving Bookcase

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This beautiful teakwood Edwardian era Danner revolving bookcase is divided into three horizontal shelves, each of which is further divided into four compartments. The top is cove molded and the bottom has a simple plinth resting on four feet with castors (currently missing). Each face has four vertical slats fixed with brass studs. The entire piece rotates around a central pillar.

21.5" x 21" x 45" [ W x D x H ]  

early 1900s

One of the vertical slats and a horizontal member has been replaced with salvaged Burma teak. Brass wheel castors will be added to its feet and the piece will require traditional natural polish and wax to bring it up to a near perfect condition. The delivery time for 'As is' piece is 2-3 weeks and 'Restored' piece is 4-6 weeks.

The Danner bookcase was created by John Danner in the late 1800s. Danner's bookcase was a "pivot and post design." It became the first revolving bookcase. The ingenuity resided in its wooden and unbreakable design and the fact that one could put more than four thick books in one space at a time. The bookcase rotates with the push of a finger.

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