Vintage Hat Stand
Vintage Hat Stand
Vintage Hat Stand
Vintage Hat Stand
The Calcutta Restoration Studio

Vintage Hat Stand

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This is a re-purposed piece put together using a side table mahogany base and a teak wood poster from a bed. The rotating hanger disc is shaped out of an old block of teak wood and completed with embossed brass and ceramic hooks with a butterfly base. It is a sleek piece to go into an entrance lobby or even a dresser.

19" x 19" x 70" [ W x D x H ]

6 - 8 weeks

We found this re-purposed piece in great shape. The brass hooks were buffed to a shine and the piece has been polished. The intent of natural polish is to reveal the varying shades of the different types of wood used to piece this together.

The hat stand, often referred to as "portmanteau" in European furniture catalogs first appeared around 1840 when social visits became more structured. Hat stands were one of the first pieces of furniture that would be noticed by guests and therefore reflected the family's social position and wealth. The hat stand usually had a sturdy base for good balance, a long pole and an array of elaborately patterned and shaped hooks on top.

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