Limited Edition



CALCUTTAN works directly with prominent and upcoming artists to create a unique range of highly desirable Limited Edition Prints, available exclusively through CALCUTTAN. Every artwork you find here is hand picked by our curator and created with the utmost attention to detail.

Three Things To Know

Limited Editions in Art

Throughout history, many great artists have made limited iterations of their work, including the likes of Pablo Picasso and our very own M F Hussain. These are very popular and routinely auctioned at some of the most famous auction houses in the world like Christie’s and Sotheby’s.


As the number of prints are restricted, Limited Editions are highly desirable to both collectors and art lovers. They are also seen as investment worthy as the price of the Limited Edition is often pegged to the price of the original artwork. Additionally, as more prints are sold, the remaining prints tend to become more expensive as well. For instance, the price of the 15th print in an Edition of 25 will be more expensive than the 1st print.


Limited Edition Prints are hand signed and numbered by the Artist. The print is also accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, also signed by the artist. The value of a signed artwork is usually considered to be of greater value than an unsigned one.

Limited Edition Artists

Raghu Neware


Mukhtar Ahmed Sardar